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Our highly trained team has over 35 years of experience in the Workers’ Compensation Arena, having handled and litigated every single aspect and issue that arises in this field many times over.
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Injured Workers Law Group is a legal corporation
whose mission is to fight for the rights and benefits
benefits of injured and disabled workers.
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Workmans' Compensation
Labor Law

An insurance that provides compensation to an employee in the event of a work related injury.

Each case is dealt with as quickly as possible, and depends on the magnitude of detail regarding the injury.

There are no out of pocket Attorney fees unless you win. Contact us to go over your personal needs Today.

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All of our cases are taken on a contingency basis, therefore, our clients do NOT pay a single dollar for our services; the IWLG only earns compensation for services after we win or settle claims for clients. Likewise to our services, our services, our clients do NOT pay for the medical treatment they received. Based on our success, the IWLG has earned the highest level of respect within the legal field and with WCAB Judges.
Workmans' Compensation
We utilize a highly aggressive approach to litigation in order to obtain the best results for our clients, which includes, but not limited to, money awards/settlements and quality medical treatment.
  • 305 case won
  • 75 on hold
  • 95 running case
  • 23 case dismiss
Labor Law
Our Attorneys, hearing representatives and staff are well experienced in all face of labor law prosecution and treat our clients with unparalleled service, respect, and professionalism.
  • 305 case won
  • 75 on hold
  • 95 running case
  • 23 case dismiss
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You are entitled to be treated lawfully at work. At Injured Worker’s Law Group we assist employees in employment disputes regardless the industry. Don’t be deprived of your entitled rights.

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“It is imperative that I communicate with my clients regularly. I believe in utilizing an aggressive approach to every case in order to obtain the best results. The reasoning for this is simple . . . the insures’s job is to limit the benefits that the injured worker receives while the Applicant Attorney’s job is to FIGHT FOR and TAKE ALL of the benefits that Applicant is entitled to.” – Rostislav “Steve” Kaykov, Esq.
Rostislav “Steve” Kaykov, Esq.
Rostislav “Steve” Kaykov, Esq./Workmans' Compensation Lawyer


“I love Steve and his team. I had previously settled by case by Stipulation leaving my medical treatment open for the duration of my life, all with my prior attorney. After the settlement, my Attorney became unresponsive. I continued to be in need of further medical treatment. They did NOT respond to phone calls or emails. 
Steve took over my case and has been very attentive to my ongoing medical treatment as well as any concerns that I have. I highly recommend Injured Workers’ Law Group to anyone in need of any attorney.”

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Our reputation speaks for itself and the IWLG continues to grow through the strength of word of mouth referrals. We kindly invite you to give us a call and allow us to protect your rights.